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The Radnor Township Volunteer Fire Department is an all-volunteer department, serving Radnor Township which is located just north of Delaware in Central Ohio. We serve and protect a growing population of over 1,300 (2000 census data) living within our 31.3 square miles. Although there is much new growth in residential construction, we are a solid population- 49% of Radnor Township residents live in the same house they did five years ago. Our township was initially formed with a strong Welsh heritage.
As promised on the last levy, Radnor Fire has now launched a daytime crew! Made up primarily of our existing volunteer force, the two-person crew will be available weekdays. The ‘day crew’ will be augmented by more volunteers responding from home or work to complete our force. The quick response will be a major improvement in our resident’s safety.

We’re Hiring!

Radnor Fire is looking for seasoned, qualified firefighters to cover day shifts.  Working from 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM, our crews respond to fire calls, auto accidents and other emergencies. We respond on most medic runs with EMS Station 4 in our area. We also respond mutual aid to departments surrounding our township. For information please contact

We’re Hiring!

We’re looking for seasoned, qualified firefighters for daytime shifts!  See below for details.

We need YOU to volunteer! 

There’s nothing more satisfying than helping your neighbors- if you live in or very near Radnor Township, please consider volunteering with us! We supply the gear and the training- you supply the time and the compassion!  Contact us!